Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marking the Twain with C.C.

I am a somewhat jaundiced human being I suppose but I tend to remember those things that impact me adversely more vividly than those that benefit me. Thus, I have a very stark recollection of how quickly and completely the Yankees season collapsed immediately after they last stood but one win away from the World Series. Forgive me please if I shall delay my joy-jumping until they win five more games before they put their bats and balls away and go home for Aught-Nine.

Once a long, long time ago Mark Twain wrote something to the effect of (paraphrasing here) being a boy of fourteen and perplexed by just how dumb his father was and then, upon becoming a young man of twenty-one, being surprised to discover just how much his father had apparently learned in seven years. In the past forty-eight hours Joe Girardi of the Yankees has reduced Twain's already impressive learning curve to rubble. In Monday's Game Two he was the Reincarnation of Clueless Joe - skewered for decisions that snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. However, in the wake of the masterpiece that C.C. Sabathia pitched in Game Four on three days' rest, his head is now apparently being measured for the bust that shall be installed on Friday morning in the "John McGraw & Other Geniuses" wing at Cooperstown.

I think Girardi neither a genius nor a rube. I think though that he has done one hell of a job thus far with this team this season. Has '09 been a success from the Bombers of the Bronx? Too early to tell. Let's table that discussion until after they win five more games.

Apparently given the distance between the Yankees' hotel, the homes of the Angels' players and the stadium at which Game Five will be contested, the combatants have a day of rest today. It is a hiatus I understand almost as much as the one imposed upon the Dodgers and the Phillies between their Game Four and Five (both slated for Philadelphia), which at least allowed Joe Torre to take in the final concert of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's four-show farewell to the Spectrum last night. Hypothetical question: if Bruce and the Band played at Yankee Stadium, would the Silver Spoon Twins allow Torre into the building, seeing as they have thrown up every other conceivable obstacle to his mere presence there?

Various members of the New York and national media are supposedly preparing to position themselves around the dining room of the hotel where the Yankees are staying to see if how Girardi manages breakfast gives them any insight into his mindset for Game Five. I cannot wait to hear how that turns out.


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dweeb said...

Cooperstown, eh?

From some of the stuff I've already read today, I was thinking more like adding on at Rushmore....

Last time I checked it's first one to win ELEVEN games wins the World Series (that no one else gets to play in but us), right?

Six down, five to go.