Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Last Time

For approximately three and one-half hours last night, Bruce Springsteen and his cohorts from E Street rocked the hell out of Giants Stadium. Rain had been in the forecast all day and all night but whether due to sheer coincidence or some sort of concert karma, not a single drop fell until all of the paying customers were trying to exit the building at show's end. Of course, the rain's volume proved equal to its impeccable sense of timing, which made for a rather bone-drenching stroll back to the cozy confines of Lot 16.

It is true that attempting to exit Giants Stadium last night proved to be an exercise in futility, which is why a concert that ended at or about 11:40 pm gave way to a drive home that ended at or about 2:20 am. It is a good thing that the Race for the Cure was last Sunday and not this morning. If had been today as opposed to last week, the State Police could have conducted a seminar in "How to Make a Chalk Outline" using my carcass as the teaching tool.

In another six weeks or so, this tour shall end and then this rapidly-graying rock and roll brotherhood will take a break "for a little while". At 60, Springsteen seems too old to do 90% of the stuff he does - night after night after night - for upwards of three hours. When one considers that he is among the youngest members of his musical posse, it is fair to ask if and when we shall see them again as we have grown accustomed to seeing them for all of these years. For this morning - at least - it is a question I would rather not think about too much. I am enjoying the "post-show" good feeling and have no desire to harsh my buzz as it were.

Rumors flew around cyberspace and throughout the parking lots at Giants Stadium yesterday regarding all of the special guests who would be joining Bruce and the ESB on stage during the show. At one point, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Billy Joel, Elton John, John Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny were all "confirmed rumors" ("This is the oxymoron help desk, how may we assist you?") In the end, none of them made an appearance. The stage had all the musicians needed for once hell of a fine time - and for one tremendous send-off to "the last bastion of affordable sports seating in New Jersey" (or words - Springsteen's by the way, not mine - to that effect). Truth be told, it lacked one fellow that all of us - including those assembled on stage - would have loved to see.

As a concert venue, Giants Stadium is now gone. And as a living, breathing rock and roll band, it is not inconceivable that six weeks hence, Bruce and his E Street mates may be gone as well. Last night may very well have been the last time that I shall see them - as presently assembled - do what they have done so well for so many years. I simply do not know.

If it was, then it was one hell of a ride. And if it was not, then I am already looking forward to the next go-round. At a point in time yet to be determined but at a place further on up the road.


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