Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crawling from the Wreckage

Hooray! Halloween is here....and it has fallen on a Saturday! Does it get any better than this? Well, this year 'NTSG it most assuredly does for the weatherman says that we shall experience the mercury rising (a damn sight more enjoyable than mercury poisoning and easier to treat) to an almost-balmy 70 degrees. There is nothing quite like weather that ensures a large turnout of costumed wanderers through my neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon to warm the cockles of that little charcoal briquette in my chest.

In case your sarcasm detector is on the fritz - or perhaps slept in an extra hour this morning in preparation for the transition from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time that shall occur effective tomorrow - it is not a stretch to say that Halloween is not among my favorite days of the year. It actually depresses me a bit to see how many little, age-appropriate trick-or-treaters (as opposed to the "not really into it but too lazy to get a part-time job to pay for my own Almond Joy jones" teenagers who will invariably end up outside of my front door) do their trick-or-treating in the daylight. Back in the day when I was a little boy, no one went door-to-door during the afternoon. All of the serious trick-or-treating was conducted at night and usually after dinner.

At some point apparently parents decided that it was simply safer to take our children trick-or-treating while the light of day was out and about as opposed to under the cover of darkness. I recall us doing it when Rob and Suz were of trick-or-treating age. I understand the rationale for doing it. It simply saddens me more than slightly to think that at some point along the way - as upright walking bipeds - we lost enough of our humanity to enable at least some of us to view a day on the calendar that is among the most kid-first you shall find as an opportunity to prey upon unsuspecting members of their rank and file.

I read something in the Boulder Daily Camera a couple of weeks ago regarding several people in town who intend this year to revive the Mall Crawl. When Jill, Joe and I were matriculating towards our degrees at CU in the mid-80's the Mall Crawl was Boulder's annual homage to Bacchanalia. Apparently the fine folks who run the City of Boulder and CU have less fond memories of the Crawl than do I (not to mention clearer memories of it as well) and have warned the would-be organizers that even on Halloween some things are better off left as dead.

Thankfully, October being a slow month for infringements upon civil liberties and fresh off of their triumph in protecting Linus Van Pelt's right to worship the Great Pumpkin, the ACLU has found time to weigh in and to criticize City and University officials for issuing the aforementioned warning. I know not if the ACLU has officially passed the marker on the interstate proclaiming, "Nothing Left For Which To Fight" but if this issue is actually getting their attention then maybe, just maybe, they should encourage whoever is piloting their vehicle of choice to ease off the accelerator just a touch.

Besides, they need to conserve their resources. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Are there any civil liberties less respected in this country than those of the turkey? Particularly this year since they do not have Sarah Palin to champion their cause any longer.


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