Monday, October 19, 2009


You would think that I would know better by now. You would think that given the number of times in the past year and a half that I have had to say goodbye to Rob - an occurrence that seems to take place more often than not at one airport or another - the act of doing so would bother me less and less. It does not. Rather it carries with it a sensation akin to pulling a band-aid off of a fresh cut. Even if you bleed like Vito Antuofermo and have more experience putting on and pulling off band-aids than the normal fella, it still hurts every time you have to do it.

I was less prepared for one of my kids to move a million miles away than I should have been I suppose. Candidly, I have not yet adjusted to it very well. I think perhaps part of my reticence to sign off wholeheartedly on it is that I am not sure Rob has done so yet himself. It is as if you are never too young - or too old - to learn that life is not simply about the good stuff. A hell of a lot of it is simply doing all that you must do to survive the day-to-day.

There is no day I look forward to more these days than the day before Rob arrives. All of us enjoy the time he spends in this time zone. For just a little while, the house resonates with a sound that we do not get too much in these parts these days: the sound of Rob and Suz laughing, whether at one another's stories or at some joint-participation adventure that they have undertaken while in each other's company. And their laughter is contagious, which means that once it infiltrates the homestead it permeates throughout, infecting all of us with a most welcome affliction: joy.

Conversely there is no day I dread more than today - the day after he leaves. There is always great uncertainty after a visit regarding when we shall see him next. The smart money is on Christmas. When you say it fast, it does not sound too far away.

If only it passed as quickly as it sounds. In my experience, it never does.


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