Monday, September 7, 2009

Our Mascot Is Still the Coolest.....

It will be quiet at the office today no doubt. It is after all the most ironically named day on the calendar - Labor Day, which we observe throughout these United States by taking the day off. If this whole "do the opposite of what the holiday says" thing catches on, let us all hope that "Flush the Toilet" Day never gets added to the ever-burgeoning pantheon of Federal holidays.

I shall appreciate the quiet today having as I do a number of projects to complete. Boy am I happy that my assistant Theresa does not read this silliness because if she did she might decide to further extend her long weekend for one more day......or two.

One thing I do not have to make time for this morning is booking my reservations to travel to Boulder in early January to celebrate a National Championship in college football. As a general rule, when you cannot defeat at home the only other school in your state that (a) plays Division I football; AND (b) has the word COLORADO in its name, then you probably do not have to worry about how you are going to spend your New Year's Day. A simply brutal start to the '09 campaign for my alma mater last night - although Ralphie looked great as she always does - losing at home to CSU 23-17.

I did not know, until I saw the graphic on the TV last night, that prior to last night CSU had last defeated CU in Boulder in 1986. Coincidentally that penultimate road win occurred twenty-three years to the day before this most recent conquest. Unlike last night's affair, which I simply turned off and then went upstairs to bed, I saw the '86 edition live and in person from the CU student section - a group that was not shy about voicing its disappointment in the result to our fellow students in uniform long before the final gun sounded on that 23 to 7 loss.

CU survived its last home loss to CSU just fine thank you very much - shaking off the effects to spring a 20-10 home upset on Nebraska later that same season. While I hope they do as well bouncing back from last night's loss, whether they do or not I am confident that the University, the Republic and I shall all survive. Whether the coach to whom the University is paying a seven-figure salary does, I know not.

But I betcha - like me - he was in his office bright and early this morning, back at work and trying to figure it all out. There is always next week, right? For my beloved Fumbaloes "next week" is really "towards the end of this week" as they will travel to Toledo for a game on Friday, September 11.

As Yogi Berra once observed, "Around here it gets late early." I reckon that around Boulder this week, Coach Hawkins is keenly aware of the time. And how quickly he appears to be running out of it.


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