Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One More From The Road....

Heat and humidity are essentially twin sons of different mothers during summers here in Levelland. Unlike parts of the country that bake under dry heat, in this neck of the woods we get both side of the ampersand visited upon us. Often, it gets dark at night without ever getting cool.

The past several weeks it has not been especially cool - even at 2:50 or so in the morning when I begin my jaunt through the 'hood. On more than one occasion last week, it was so thick and so dank, even several hours before dawn, it felt as if I was running with a dirty sweat sock wrapped around my face.

This morning, however, as I stretched out the distance of my morning constitutional just a bit in an effort to work my way up to running (roughly) a 5K every day in preparation for running one for real in slightly more than thirty days, I noticed a change in the weather. This morning felt nothing at all like any of the mornings these past few weeks. Instead, this morning had a forward-looking feel to it as if it was serving as a preview of what is to come. I went running wearing only a t-shirt and shorts (and my AIR MAX ASSAIL (!) shoes of course) but probably could have donned a sweatshirt as well without overheating. The crispness of the air actually made it feel easier to run this morning than it has felt most mornings in spite of the fact that I dialed up the distance that I covered just a bit.

In addition to giving me a glimpse perhaps of what lies ahead in the coming weeks, the weather this morning took me back a bit as well. As I crossed over the intersection of Delaware and Fairview this morning (about 2/3 of the way through my plotted-out course) the wind kicked up just a bit. Not enough to be disruptive but simply enough to remind me that in spite of the abject darkness there is other life in the universe at that hour of the morning (other than the Courier-News delivery man, the little black/white spotted cat that always dashes in and out from underneath a car parked on the corner of Fairview and Mohawk and me) and it too is already up and at work on the day ahead. And it reminded me of how the pre-dawn breeze felt in Georgia last November, when Margaret and I went there for Rob's graduation from FLETC.

We stayed at a hotel on a little island (I think it is called St. John's Island but I could be mistaken) about ten minutes away from FLETC and our first night there, Rob mapped out a course for me that I could run in the mornings. And both mornings that we were there, right after I reached the point where I would turn around and begin my inward leg, running back to the hotel, a bit of a breeze stirred. A breeze that was more than a little soothing and not at all detrimental to my efforts. And both mornings, with that refreshing cool air fanning my face I made it back to the hotel in excellent stead.

This morning's breeze reminded me of those mornings' breezes, which made me think of where I had been when I felt them and what I had been doing there. And that of course made me think of the "boy child" - as Margaret and I still refer to him occasionally - and the distances he has traveled, the miles he has covered, both literally and figuratively, since we were in Georgia less than ten months ago and the new life he has made for himself two time zones away from the only home he had ever known.

And I smiled all the way home -already looking forward to tomorrow. Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. Indeed it does.


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