Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bringing Home The Bacon (Canadian Style).......

Perhaps it is just me but it strikes me often that there is no more disruptive influence on the "normal" work week than the long weekend. The work week that leads into it tends to dissolve into disarray by some point in or about mid-afternoon on Thursday. And the work week that follows it is abbreviated (hence the "long" part of the long weekend) but yet those who did not work on Monday tend to treat Tuesday as if they are taking the first steps on the Bataan Death March.

They are not - of course - and I am quite confident that for the normal, oxygen-breathing members of the tribe (a/k/a as "all those who are not me") the reaction I have to the insertion of a holiday into the regular work week is not one that they share. And I am also quite confident that by the middle of the morning today the residual effect of the extended weekend will have worn off. Sooner rather than later the business of the day will once again be business. And the weekend past and the weekend future will seem to be equally far away.

Four day week or five day week I suppose it matters not. After all, everybody is just working for the weekend right?

Just be certain to leave the headband at home, OK? Sweet Baby Moses that is a damned scary look......with or without the color-coordinated pants.


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