Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saving Ferris

Here in the Garden State Plaza (and a million more just like it) State, this has not been, weather-wise, a summer that the Chamber of Commerce will include in future promotional material. Proving that Mother Nature can indeed be one tough mother, a disproportionate number of our weekend days here in the Summer of Aught-Nine have been rain-soaked. If your child has spent any part of this summer at a camp here in Levelland, learning how to do neat stuff such as build a canoe has not been an activity, it has been a necessity.

However, proving again that whoever makes all of these celestial decisions truly has a sense of humor - and perhaps a Chicken McNugget-sized heart, yesterday was a beautiful day. And it could not have come at a better time. Yesterday Margaret's brother Frank and my sister Kara each had a gathering at their home to celebrate a graduation. At Frank's place in the early afternoon, loved ones got together to celebrate Nicole's college graduation. Down at Kara's place in the late afternoon/early evening, a crowd assembled to celebrate R.J.'s high school graduation and his imminent departure to college. I am a bit biased - admittedly - being an uncle to both of them but the weather yesterday was entirely appropriate to honor each of these two kids (sorry, young adults), to celebrate that which has been accomplished and to wish them well as they proceed onward to next mile marker on life's highway.

Not less than forty-eight Saturday mornings a year, I am up and on my way to the office by 4:30 or thereabouts. Yesterday morning was not one of them. I brought work home with me on Friday night so that I could work from home yesterday morning in order to make sure that Margaret and I were on time for our booked solid social calendar. And from the time we arrived over at Frank's - and spent several hours with Frank, C, their crew (including yesterday's honoree) as well as the rest of the family - until we returned home late last night from Kara's - having spent a great, long time with Kara, Russ and the boys (including the graduate himself), Bill/Sig and Michelle (3/4 of what we refer to as the "Connecticut Kennys") and Mom, work was not only on the back burner, it was off of the stove altogether.

We all have fewer days, like yesterday, than we want - and probably need - to have, which is what makes them so extraordinary when they appear seemingly out of the mist. And that is why - for me at least - they are days to be savored and to be enjoyed right down to their last dying embers. It is as true now as it was when Ferris Bueller first said it, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."

"Danke schoen" to Nic and RJ and their 'Rents for inviting us to be part of your celebration yesterday. And good luck to the graduates on the road ahead. For none of us knows what all is out there waiting on us so the best we can do is prepare well and hope for a favorable bounce or two. My most sincere wish for both kids is that they get nothing but true, clean hops.


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