Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tray Tables Locked & Seats in the Upright Position

There is a proverbial pot of gold at the end of today's epic journey West, which is a visit to Rob's bachelor pad in Cheyenne, Wyoming. That the payoff is huge is extremely important because the road from here to there today promises to be a long one.

My wife, who I love with all of my heart, is only slightly more neurotic than the most neurotic person you have ever known or encountered in your life. Usually travel is enough to push her over the edge but today, just for fun, we have added a side dish to the usual entree of angst - trying to monitor the travel progress of her dad, Joe. As my wife and I wing West this morning on one flight, he shall be doing likewise on another. Hey do not shoot the one responsible for making the arrangements. There is only so much I can do when a pair of fliers becomes a trio less than two weeks before the scheduled departure date.

The joy of flying East to West is that you actually gain time. We shall land in a time zone two time zones from our own, which means that a day that started at 3:30 Eastern time and shall end at some point after 11:00 p.m. Mountain time will really have two "BONUS" hours in it. Time may wait for no one, but when jetting right to left across this great land of ours, it appears to slow down just enough to screw with you.

Off we go - into the yonder so blue and so wild. Day 1 of the Great Migration West has begun.


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