Monday, July 6, 2009

The Dangers of Fence-Sitting

Two weeks hence, I shall be penning these little missives from the bucolic environs of Cheyenne Wyoming. Long before we anticipated Rob's Eastern swing for his cousin's wedding, the missus and me made plans to travel to Wyoming for Cheyenne Frontier Days ("CFD"). CFD is the biggest party that Cheyenne hosts each year and while it not the cup from which I would most usually drink my coffee, it seems like a hell of a lot of fun. Plus, it gives Margaret a week to add a second coat of maternal love to Rob's home on the range to supplement and reinforce the first coat she applied when she ventured west with him in late November aught-eight.

Our trip west is not a surprise of course - inasmuch as we hatched the plan last June when Rob first learned that his first assignment would be in the Mountain Time Zone. The surprise is that my dad-in-law, Joe, has decided to accompany us on our great migration west. It has been a summer of adjustment for Joe and a summer of decidedly marked change. Sadly, most of the changes that he has undergone have not been those of his own volition. Rather, change has acted upon him. However, yesterday he punched back. Yesterday, he told Margaret that he would like to take us up on our offer of accompanying us to Wyoming to spend some time in the company of his grandson and to see a part of the country that to date - at seventy-five years and counting - his presence has not yet graced.

And as soon as he decided he wanted in, the plan was put into action. About thirty-six minutes after making his decision, his tickets to/fro were purchased. Not since the glory days of Sergio Leone have Italian heritage and the Great American West been brought together with such eager anticipation.

The decision thusly made, the countdown begins. In less than two weeks from today, Joe will do something that - right up until he told Margaret he wanted to do it - I never would have anticipated him doing. He shall join us out in the great wide open and shall spend the week just taking it as it comes, experiencing things that he has never otherwise experienced......

.....once upon a time in the West.


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