Thursday, July 23, 2009

At This Stage of Our Respective Lives, I Would Rather Fight Ali

An inevitable offshoot of understanding the depths of my own limitations is that on an almost daily basis I am exposed to at least one thing that I completely lack the skill set necessary to perform. On certain days - when that which I lack the ability to do - does not seem to be particularly challenging or thought-provoking, my limited range can be a bit depressing.

Yesterday I came face-to-face with yet one more thing I could never hope to do. But I came away from it feeling not at all badly about myself or my many limitations. Margaret, Joe and I took a short ride to the campus of Laramie County Community College (or "the L Triple C") as it is referred to in the vernacular of Cheyenne to bear witness to a performance of the United States Air Force's aerial team. the Thunderbirds. I do not know how many folks were in attendance yesterday morning but there was discussion of the crowd annually for this traditional CFD performance being in excess of 10,000.

Those of us who live and work in the New York metropolitan area may think that is not a tremendous number of people. The New Jersey Nets - a team about which few care who toil in an arena where few like to travel, are able to put 10,000 people in their building for their games - ditto the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Washington Nationals. As Albert E once observed, everything is relative. Approximately 60,000 people live in Cheyenne. Even when the city's population has swelled temporarily due to the festivities of CFD, having 10,000 people in any one place at any one time is remarkable.

The performance we witnessed yesterday was jaw-dropping. Candidly, after having a front-row seat for the most amazing acrobatics I have ever seen, I cannot recall the names that the M.C. attached to the various maneuvers (although I suspect that the monikers that would apply most aptly to me if I flew one of those jets, the "wet my pants while screaming for my mommy" and the "how the hell did I end up here" were not among the names he used.) But I shall not forget what I saw for the rest of my life - it was simply mesmerizing.

Tuff enuff? Indeed I am - to appreciate the distinction between that which I can do and that which I cannot. And to enjoy the latter while continuing to work hard at the former....

Just not this week. I am on vacation after all.


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