Friday, July 31, 2009

Amazing Gracie

The figures provided in an on-line universe notwithstanding, I am a human being with scant few friends. While there are any number of people with whom I enjoy fine relationships, more often than not, I strike the Heisman Trophy pose, which experience has taught me works just fine (thank you very much) for keeping the world at arm's length. Truth be told, it is a pose I receive as well as I give - neither of which bothers me very much.

I am the youngest of six and given both the size of my head (Mom must have felt as if she was birthing a Buick) and the limits of my personality, it never came as a great surprise to me that once I arrived, Mom and Dad decided to hop off the baby train. Thus, while I am a younger sibling five times over, I never experienced the older/younger relationship from the other side.

A number of years ago - eight to be exact - I became friends with a very cool, unique young woman who came to the Firm to work with me. From the time Lisa arrived in the summer of '01, she was employed as my secretary and/or assistant (God forgive me, I know not how to speak "P.C."). And over the course of time working together, we became good friends. When she left the Firm in March '05 to take her talents further on up the road to a new opportunity I told her that other than my wife, our work partnership was the longest relationship I had ever had with a woman to whom I am not related by birth. She laughed. I was not kidding.

From either the day we started working together way back when or sometime shortly thereafter, we developed a friendship that has been akin to older brother/younger sister. We root for one another's successes and act as a sounding board for one another's travails as one would for one's sibling.

A bit earlier this year, I made what proved to be an ill-advised decision to pick myself up and move further on up the road myself. As a coincidence - or perhaps due to the odd configuration of tines on this particular fork, we ended up working together again. As anyone who reads this space knows, my time there did not thrill me. When the opportunity presented itself to get on out of there, I did - with all due speed. For a moment, on my way out the door, I wondered whether my decision to leave there would adversely impact my friendship with Lisa. It did not.

Today is Lisa's birthday. I am hoping that the somewhat adventurous-sounding weather forecast turns out to be less than advertised (do we really need locusts?) so that she and her Joe and their friends can have one hellaciously good time doing whatever it is they intend to do this weekend to mark the event. Experience has taught me that regardless of the weather, Lisa will get done whatever she needs and wants to get done. She is after all a person who voluntarily hurls herself out of perfectly functional airplanes from 15,000 feet in the air or so just for giggles. I doubt highly that a bit of rain shall slow her down.

Happy Birthday Gracie.


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