Monday, June 29, 2009

The Tools of Ignorance

It appears as if the weather shall cooperate long enough this week to permit our summer softball team to double our number of games played (all the way from one to two!) but unfortunately I shall be sitting this one out. My troublesome back has put me on the DL (I am kidding of course. We have no disabled list).

At some point in time, way back when in mid-May, I ended up with a bulging disk in my lower back. The fun thing about it is that it constantly shoots pain down both of my legs - courtesy of what my doctor informs me is impingement upon the nerve roots at the level of my spine at which the disc has decided to bulge.

People deal with significantly bigger problems than my bad back. Hell, I have spent the past quarter century watching my mom stand fast against any variety of really bad stuff. And on a day in/day out basis for the past four-plus years, I bore personal witness to Suzy B.'s epic struggle. These two women - each of whom has had an immeasurable impact upon my life - dealt with pain on a daily basis. And they dealt with it on a level that I have never had to experience - even during these past five weeks. And they did it with dignity and quiet courage.

And while I would love to suit up and play on Tuesday night - for I know not how many seasons, if any, after this one I shall play, I shall not. I shall adhere to the orders of my doctor and the directly-expressed wishes of my bride and be there solely as a spectator.

While I do not enjoy watching in place of playing, there is one distinct advantage to having a view from the bench in lieu of one from behind the plate. I do not have to try to bend down and tie my cleats. Loafers are nice.

A bit difficult to run in, but quite stylish nonetheless.


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