Monday, June 22, 2009

To and Fro......and To

I have gotten the first work day of the Summer of aught-nine off to a flying start. Having taken Margaret, Suzanne and Margaret's dad, Joe, out to dinner last night so Joe and I could double our Father's Day fun, I drove to work this morning with the thought stuck in my head that I had never gotten my wallet back from Margaret last night. I should have listened to my little internal voice at some point prior to completing the 32-mile trek from Middlesex to Parsippany. When I pulled the Skate into her appointed place this morning and sought to retrieve my wallet from my bag - from which I extricate my swipe card on a daily basis so that I can get into the building at 4:30 a.m., I discovered that my arms were of insufficient length to reach it. In fairness to my arms, given that the swipe card was safely ensconced inside of my wallet, which was resting comfortably inside of Margaret's purse on our kitchen table 32 miles to the south, it really was not their fault that it could not be retrieved.

I recommend that everyone whose back is so balky that attempting to do anything more than walking requires an actual cost/benefit analysis add an additional 64 miles to the morning commute. It did my lower back a world of good this morning to not only drive to work but - just for sh*ts and giggles - to drive from work and back to work a second time.

The proverbial milk having been spilt, there is no sense crying over it any longer. And there is no reason to allow my latest self-inflicted flesh wound to put a damper on what was a thoroughly enjoyable evening out with my wife, one of my two kids and my dad-in-law. Joe had never been to the restaurant that ranks as a favorite of Margaret and me, the Harvest Moon Brewery in New Brunswick, prior to last night. And he seemed to enjoy himself immensely. Given the manner in which the month of June has passed thus far for him, it was nice to see him have a chance to smile and to enjoy himself.

The spring portion of June beat the living hell out of my bride, her dad, her brother and - truth be told - the entire family. Let us hope that the summer slice of this month, which will include a return trip East by Rob and the first wedding of one of Joe and Suzy B.'s eight grand kids, Megan (to Adam), treats the family considerably better. Here's to hoping that the worst of what shall confront us has already occurred. I would gladly trade a morning commute times two and the increased low back pain associated with it for the world removing its collective foot from this family's throat.

And tomorrow morning, I shall make sure to double check my bag before leaving for work. For if it is true that nobody rides for free, then it certainly makes little sense to make the same trip twice.


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