Monday, June 1, 2009

Rabbit Rabbit

Today is the 1st day of June. Today also marks the beginning of my first full week back on the reservation following my winter at the reservoir. The fact that I have stepped back into a life that I stepped out slightly more than four months ago - and have been greeted warmly by my "once again" colleagues - still surprises me. It is more of a reflection on the quality of their collective character than it is upon me. And it is something for which I am grateful.

This month is chock full of stuff on the personal side of the ledger as well. R.J., the eldest son of my sister Kara and brother-in-law Russ, becomes the first of their three sons to graduate from high school, which he will do two weeks from yesterday. I remember when he was born. It seems extraordinary to me that the little bundling of swaddling clothes is now a young man of 18. In a few short months, he too shall experience the feeling of the Garden State giving way to the real world when he matriculates to Tampa, Florida to begin his freshman year of college. He is quite a fine young fellow and his old, curmudgeonly uncle doubts not that he will do well - both in college and beyond.

At month's end, my parents-in-law will bear witness to the first of their grandchildren getting married. Megan, Frank's oldest child, and Adam (kid is a "can't miss" prospect with that name, eh?) are getting married on the final Saturday of June. I am looking forward to it not only because they are both terrific kids (I am aware that each is a college graduate and not 'kids') who certainly seem to complement one another exquisitely well but also because Rob shall be home for the wedding. Not having seen my son since February 1 - when I left Cheyenne for the drive south to Denver and my own flight home - I am very much looking forward to seeing him.

June is also the month of my Mom's birthday. And unless I have lost track somewhere along the way, she will be celebrating her eighty-first such event in less than two weeks. In light of all that she has endured and has overcome to this point in her life, it is nothing short of an extraordinary achievement.

Margaret and I shall mark our 16th wedding anniversary on the 19th of this month. Sixteen years. I would never have guessed twenty years ago, at age 22, that as of age 42 I would have been married for sixteen years. I suppose that it proves the adage that life is what happens while you are busy making plans.

When I was a child I remember hearing one of the girls in my class say that on the first day of every month, she would wake up, move to the foot of her bed without getting off of it and then jump off of the bed while saying, "Rabbit, rabbit". It was a ritual that she swore brought her luck.

And while I felt pretty silly this morning whispering it to myself as I dragged my achy back out of bed and into the shower, with all of the important business of the month stretched out before me, it seemed to be a worthwhile risk.


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