Monday, June 15, 2009

More Powerful Than A Locomotive.....

Round One of the Subway Series went to the Yankees. Nothing quite like a drama-filled 15-0 blowout on a late Spring/early Summer Sunday afternoon to make folks look forward to Round Two, eh? What a weekend of baseball in the Bronx? Luis Castillo of the Mets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on Friday night by failing to make a play he has likely made a million and a half times since he was a baby 2nd baseman. And then the Yankees apparently failed to get their 4:00 p.m. wake up call on Saturday. They watched the journeyman, Fernando Nieve, the Mets threw at them pitch one hell of a game in an utterly dramaless 6-2 defeat. To top the Yankees absentee effort of Saturday afternoon, on Sunday, even though the Yankees pitched the Red Sox' favorite member of their starting rotation not named Wang, AJ Burnett, and the Mets answered with the best pitcher in the NL Johan Santana (a/k/a "the guy who would pitch for us if Brian Cashman had realized 18 months ago how much Ian Kennedy and Phil Hughes really were worth"), the Mets got sandblasted 15-0.

Baseball is like life in that the results of each of the 162 games that will be played by each team this season are what actually happens while you are busy making plans. One can fearlessly forecast the outcome before the game is played so long as one enjoys the ability to laugh at oneself after the game has been played and you get to see how far off the mark your prediction turned out to be.

I am a Yankees fan who spends little time during the season paying attention to the Mets. I do not root against them - for they are a New York team and the only New York team I genuinely dislike and root against is the Islanders. I am simply apathetic about them. I enjoy the Subway Series but I wish they played only one time a season - or played perhaps only a total of four games - two at Yankee Stadium and two at Citi Field. Sadly, much like everything else, baseball is a business. And the Subway Series is big business for both of New York's baseball teams. Both of which are playing home games to houses not more than 75 to 80% full in their new "cathedrals", which are chock full of really expensive seats. Both teams have had the unfortunate experience of not having had a lot of well-padded fannies occupying those seats thus far this season. This weekend, however, the Yankees had people a-plenty in all of those formerly empty seats. Interleague baseball sells in the Big long as the other team in the game also has NY on its hats.

One round down. And one more round to go. Good news is games four through six will be played in Citi Field. Maybe Brian Bruney and Freddie Rodriguez will be able to settle up with one another face-to-face as opposed to through the media. Perhaps it can be set up as a cage match - best two out of three falls.

One can easily imagine how many tickets that would sell, indeed.


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