Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Little Stool, A Fat Man

Today has dawned bright - and more than a bit steamy - here 'neath the snow globe. Given the weather we have had this month, it would take a pie-eyed optimist to believe that the entire day will pass without precipitation (and unless this is your first ride on this particular merry-go-round you know that I am not too often mistaken for an optimist). Regardless of whether the weather cooperates or not, this afternoon shall bring the wedding of Megan and Adam, two terrific young adults. And given that the day that they two become one comes on the final Saturday of what has been the longest month - irrespective of number of days on the calendar - that any family has had to endure, they shall take with them up the aisle today - as they take their first steps as husband and wife, the hopes, good wishes and prayers of many.

Marriage sometimes begins with a spectacular event, such as today's wedding and the reception afterwards. But married life is not a series of huge events, one after the other. Rather, it is as the song says, "the little things that count." Long after the final thank-you cards have been mailed and the final duplicate wedding present has been exchanged, those joined together today shall be together still. On television and in movies, with limited screen time to have to fill, we see only the "really important stuff". Well, here's a little bit of inside info from a fella who has just completed his sixteenth lap around the marital sun - it is all really important stuff. Even the stuff that gets left on Ron Howard's cutting room floor.

Whether all who enter marriage understand its big-picture implications I know not. Megan and Adam certainly seem to. For those of us in attendance today, we are thrilled to be invited to their maiden voyage and to wish them well as they start down their road together.

Here's to Megan and Adam as they begin their ride on down in through this tunnel of love. Here's to hoping that today represents the starting point for them; the foundation upon which they construct a rock-solid life filled with a series of even better, even happier days to come.


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