Friday, May 29, 2009

The Week That Was.....

It has proven to be a most eventful and satisfying week for me. After wintering at the Reservoir, which is the way my secretary Theresa and I have decided to spin my absence from the Firm to the world-at-large, I am wrapping up my first week of the second half of my career here. Almost to a person, all of my colleagues seem as happy to see me as I am to be seen. A month ago, this would have seemed impossible. Truly amazing stuff.

Unfortunately, the warm fuzzy feeling engendered by the work experience this week is having a hard time getting any traction at all on the non-work aspect of my life. My mom-in-law Suzy B. remains on this day where she has been every day since Sunday - a room in the Critical Care Unit at Somerset Medical Center. And there by her side is my wife. During these prolonged hospitalizations it becomes a footrace as to which one of them I end up being more concerned - Sue the patient or Margaret the caretaker.

My wife has the same infirmity as many of us do when we become consumed by the need to assist another, which is that we tend to pay less attention to our own needs. At some point, when her mom has weathered this latest storm and is spending her days relaxing comfortably in her own home and not in a hospital bed, I suspect that Margaret will simply come home, crawl into bed and begin to sleep the sleep of the exhausted.

I said jokingly to one of my colleagues earlier this week - discussing the subject of my return to WL - that any landing you can walk away from is a happy landing. Here 'neath the snow globe, we have stuck one such beauty already this week. Here's to hoping that we nail the next one as well.


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