Thursday, May 14, 2009

It Begins Anew

Finally, after our first three attempts at it were spat upon by the Mom of all Natures, we played our season opener last night in the Essex County Lawyer's Summer Softball League. All I can say the morning after is......where the hell was a good downpour when we could have used one?

The bad news is that we lost. The good news is that we played. And while everyone prioritizes his/her leisure time and the practical applications for it differently, high on my list of things to do is enjoy as many spring and summer evenings as I can with my friends playing softball. Last season we played the entire regular season schedule without dropping a game - only to lose in the playoffs. This year, we have excised that source of pressure from our shoulders already - dropping a white knuckler, 20-8, to Connell Foley.

At day's end, all in all not a bad result. Sure we lost the game but we brought back out of baby-making retirement our pitcher Cyndy who used to toe the rubber for us when we played in the City of Newark's Summer Softball League several seasons ago. She was rusty but nevertheless a sight for sore eyes, sort of like capturing a bit of time in a bottle as it were. And a lot of our lot were rusty, having not swung a bat in anger since our '08 season ended in early October.

Happily our lack of success on the diamond did not diminish our post-game gathering at the Star. And as someone for whom laughter had been in scant supply up until 6 days ago or so, it was nice to be in the company of folks who enjoy one another's company, win or lose.


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