Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here's Your Hat - What's Your Hurry?

Today marks my final full day on the job here in Circle Seven. Apparently, after the sting of my announcement that I was leaving wore off and the efforts of the corporate hatchet men from the mother ship to force me into staying more than two weeks after I had announced my departure proved unsuccessful, the powers that be realized they could in fact live without me. To the point that my partner came into my office earlier this week and announced that Friday the whole office (all 8 of us) will go out together for my "farewell lunch" (boy, I hope there are presents! Although one wonders what you would buy for someone you knew for less than four months - name tag leaps to the forefront of my mind) after which I can simply leave. In other words, do not let the door hit me in the ass when I pass through it to go eat. Who knew that one could get over me so quickly? Hands down people - the question was rhetorical.

When things do not work out for us as planned, too often we find ourselves in a hard place being pelted in the melon by pointed rocks. Far less frequently are we permitted to roll the dice, land on "CHANCE" and score ourselves a "Get out of jail free" card. When and if we do, we should cherish it like the prized possession it is. And we should run like hell for the front door as fast as we can.

For the past several months, while wallowing in the twin pools of self-loathing and self-pity I had failed to tend to a great many things in my own life. I have started to make amends in that regard but I nevertheless owe a debt of gratitude and an eternal apology to my bride, Margaret, and to our kids, one of whom has more than a full plate in pursuit of her Master's Degree and the other who is only still in the process of adjusting to life in a part of the world that is totally alien to where he was raised (if you do not believe me, fly to Denver, rent a car and drive North on I-25 until you hit Wyoming, then get back to me OK?) alone and at the ripe old age of 23.

Buoyed by the fact that I was the recipient of an unexpected chance to make amends, make good I shall. And the process begins in earnest tomorrow.....several hours earlier than I would have anticipated.

Willie the Shakes was right - All's well that ends well. Indeed it is.


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