Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Shortened Day's Journey Into Night

At the risk of coming off as "Anti-Pilgrim" I must confess that there are few months on the calendar for which I reserve as much loathing as I do for November.  It is not without its charms of course, including Thanksgiving and the birthday of the oldest of my nieces and nephews - Evan's oldest daughter Jessica.  And in fairness to November, the things I find most loathsome about it are truly not its fault but are, instead, wholly related to its position on the calendar.  But for those intrusive, toga-wearing phucks, Caesar (Julius) and Caesar (Augustus), I would herald November's arrival with the same enthusiasm with which I greet September.  

Today is the final day of "Daylight Savings Time" here in the State of Concrete Gardens.  Tonight, before the Missus and I lay our heads (her normal-sized one and my Jupiter-sized model) down to sleep we shall set the clocks in our house back one hour.  The immediate payoff?  One additional hour of sleep tonight and tonight only.  The long-term consequence?  One less hour of daylight tomorrow and every day thereafter for the foreseeable future.  

When I get into my car on Monday morning and begin the great migration north on Route 287 to the office, I shall be beginning a period of roughly six months during which there shall be at least five days out of every seven in which I will not see my home in the daylight.   I phucking hate it.  

The (day)light is dying...

...and so I rage. 


Friday, October 31, 2014

What Would Larry David Do?

The Missus and I were out of state last weekend, which means that I had no knowledge of the highlight of Sunday afternoon's New York Jets/Buffalo Bills game at Met Life Stadium until long after it had occurred.  I am speaking of course of the epic fight in the stands between one angry Jets fan and one less-than-hardy Bills fan, which was truly great entertainment.  Well, it was much better than the action on the field to be sure - at least if you are a fan of the boys from Q-Tip Tech.    

Tell the truth - speaking to the one or two of you who clicked on the link above to check out the video - you were not disappointed at all to find there what it is you found, right?  Consider that my Halloween gift to you.  A trick that led directly to a very satisfying treat.  You are welcome. 

I cannot fake caring at all that it is Halloween.  I also cannot fake being unhappy about the fact that the predicted shitty weather in the forecast for our little slice of heaven here in the State of Concrete Gardens should likely keep foot traffic to a minimum.  Rosie hates many things, a trait the origin of which is not as unknown to me as I might hope it to be, but principal among them is the ringing of the doorbell.  

Actually, it might be mere pie-eyed optimism on my part to think that rain and freezing cold will hold down the number of trick-or-treaters out and about 'NTSG tonight.  Two years ago, in the immediate aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, which left our neighborhood without power until Election Day, there were any number of idiots in our town who took umbrage at the fact that the Police Department would not permit children to go door-to-door begging for candy two days later. Many members of the aforementioned idiotocracy then marched their children through town approximately two weeks later after prevailing upon the Mayor and the Borough Council that Halloween must go on ("For the Children Damn It!") in search of Kit-Kats and Snickers Bars.  

I know not how they made out in the rest of our hamlet but when they reached my door they learned that I have less fondness for November Halloween than I do for November World Series baseball. Perhaps had the Yankees won the 2001 World Series my position on the latter would be different and, consequently, my position on the former would be positively impacted as well.  They did not.  It shall not...

...meanwhile, I am not unhappy that apparently scant few of my neighbors ever watched Curb Your least the First Season.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Oops Dreams

In the interest of full disclosure, I am constrained to acknowledge that irrespective of the time/date stamp that appears with this piece, I have composed it prior to Game Seven of the 2014 World Series having been played.  Thus, I write it not knowing whether the transplanted former favorite team of WPK, Sr. has captured its third World Series title in the past five years or the sweethearts of America's Heartland have completed their epic journey in from the cold by winning their second World Series title in the past twenty-nine years.  

Either way, from the perspective of a baseball fan with no rooting interest in the outcome of the Series, I have to say that the portions of it that I have watched I have enjoyed very much.  It makes me very happy as a fan of the sport that (a) this year's World Series has been evenly matched and fairly compelling; and (b) this year's World Series shall be completed in October.  Bravo on both counts. 

The place in my heart occupied by my love of baseball never has to worry about sharing space with and/or making room for professional basketball.  I did not realize - until I was making the great migration north on Route 287 in the wee small hours yesterday morning - that the NBA season had started on Tuesday night and that both of the New York teams played their season openers last night. I am aware of the fact that professional basketball is big business and, in fact, many people who I know and admire have a keen rooting interest in at least one of the NBA's teams.  It is - for whatever reason - a sport that has never held any fascination for me.  

If you are a fan, then enjoy your 2014-15 season, which has begun in the week preceding Halloween and shall, as I understand it, end at or about Father's Day.  Perhaps one year - albeit not this one - shall be the one in which the NBA, a professional league in which the majority of the athletes who comprise its teams' rosters are African-American, shall come to the realization that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "Dream" was not to see twelve NBA games played on the Federal Holiday established to celebrate his birthday.  

Come to think of it, I doubt that Jesus ever blew out the candles on his birthday cake wishing for an NBA Quintuple-Header on his birthday...

....given that he was a manger baby, I am guessing that his preference was for a pony ride. 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Of Roaming and Homes...

Happiness is a Wednesday masquerading as a Monday.  Thus today I am channeling at least more than my usual complement of happiness.  Ever since I walked through the front door of Farrrand Hall as an eighteen-year-old freshman almost thirty years ago, Colorado has been among the short list of my favorite places.  Having Jess, Rob and Tillie there now has only served to enhance the depth of my affection.

If only my Buffs had managed on Saturday to do something that they do with maddening infrequency these days and win the football game against UCLA (they rallied from seventeen points down on two separate occasions only to lose in double overtime), then it would have been a simply perfect trip.  

...maybe next year.


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

...And Back to Reality

The Missus and I are homeward bound this morning.  We bade farewell to Rob and Jess - and Tillie of course - and journeyed south to Denver prior to heading east to Newark.  

You know that the time you have spent with ones you love has been time well spent when the time to leave arrives and you do not want to go.  

By that measurement alone, we had one hell of a grand time visiting with the Colorado branch office.  We shall see them again soon, which is a great thing.  We shall not, however, see them soon enough, which - truth be told - is neither a great thing nor a sad thing but simply a Life thing...

...although today is feels very much like a sad thing.  


Monday, October 27, 2014

Granted Wishes

For an asshole, I must confess that I have been treated a bit better by Life than I deserve.  All that I need to prove that hypothesis is Margaret.  

We have been together now for enough of our lives that we have celebrated just about half of each of our birthdays with one another.  Today, my wife celebrates another successful journey around the Sun.  No woman embraces getting older in the manner that Margaret does, which is why I can say without any fear of reprisal that today my beautiful bride is fifty-two.  

There is never a gift that I can give Margaret for her birthday that comes close at all to equaling all that she has given to me - and continues to give to me -every day that she has been a part of my life.  I exaggerate not at all when I say that she saved my life.  There is no fairer way to describe what she did - and what she continues to do.  

Today is her birthday.  Yet today, as is the case every day, I am the one who is thankful for granted wishes.  


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Roads and Travellers

I appreciate my wife every day.  I appreciate her especially so on the infrequent occasions that we travel anywhere on vacation.  I run.  I try to be disciplined enough to run at least five times a week - whether we are home or someplace other than home.  Thus, included among my gear for our brief, four-day sojourn to the Colorado branch office of the family business, was a pair of running shoes and gear in which to run today and tomorrow.  

There are - I suppose - any number of ways in which one can take in one's surroundings.  If there is any better way to do it than on foot, I must admit that I am unaware of what that might be.  As much fun as it is to run past familiar places and recognizable faces, it is far more interesting to wind your way through an area with which you are not familiar.  

Especially when that area is one as visually beautiful as Fort Collins and its surrounding environs.  

Enjoy your Sunday.  I shall most assuredly enjoy mine.